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Souls For Christ Training Center Introduction 



I am the true vine; you are the branches.  If a man remains in Me and I in him, he will bear much fruit.      John 15: 15 

Now are ye clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.  John 15:3 


Welcome to Souls For Christ Training Center.

Here you are invited to study Discipleship,Evangelism, and Addiction recovery.



The purpose of this training center is to build up and strengthen all in the faith of Jesus Christ. These courses are 12 weeks in design and are designed to draw the individual closer to Jesus, to teach participants how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ following and abiding in him from day to day throughout their life. Our desire is that these courses will encourage the individual beyond the beginning stages of the Christian walk, where they have stated by public confession their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, unto to the next level in which we must go, the further study to show thyself approved having the words of Christ abiding in us. Our desire is that these classes will train and equip the individual to respond to other faiths and also how to take the newly saved and converted person and encourage them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, thus enabling them to lean on him everyday for strength, wisdom, love, and all their needs as they arise. These classes are designed to encourage in-home or church Bible Studies and to assist in drawing closer to Jesus.






The Learner I  (12 Week Course)
  • Week One                                        Becoming A Disciple
  • Week Two                                       What Is Man?                             
  • Week Three                              Man:  From Fall unto Faith    
  • Week Four                                These Three are One                            
  • Week Five                                 Light vs. Darkness                      
  • Week Six                                           Who Is Man With Christ?                
  • Week Seven                                      Prayer and Confession        
  • Week Eight                                         Forgiveness   
  • Week Nine                                         How to Handle Hard Times            
  • Week Ten                                           God And Deliverance                     
  • Week Eleven                                      Faith in Action                      
  • Week Twelve                            Workers Needed

Evangelism I (12 Week Course)
  • Week One                                          God's message to the world
  • Week Two                                          His Messengers
  • Week Three                                      The World's Condition
  • Week Four                                        Jesus came to the earth
  • Week Five                                         Spreading the word
  • Week Six                                           Salvation, What God has done
  • Week Six (Part II)                             Salvation, What man must do 
  • Week Seven                                      His Bride
  • Week Eight                                       The Second Coming
  • Week Nine                                         Equipping the Saints
  • Week Ten                                          Going forth to missions
  • Week Eleven                                    Stealth Bombers
  • Week Twelve                                     Now abideth these three

Addiction Recovery (12 Step Program)



  • Week One                                                Recognizing Our Brokeness
  • Week Two                                                Having Faith in God
  • Week Three                                             A Decision That God is in Charge
  • Week Four                                               You must make a SELF-examination
  • Week Five                                                Confession follows examination
  • Week Six                                                  Repentance the way to forgiveness 
  • Week Seven                                            Acknowledge God's ability to cleanse us
  • Week Eight                                              Examine our relationships
  • Step Nine                                                 Pray and move to reconcile wherever possible
  • Step Ten                                                   Pressing Forward
  • Step Eleven                                             Draw near to God and seek Him through prayer
  • Step Twelve                                            Shine your light before all men for the world to see!

    Contact us at: sfcword@souls-for-christ.com

Souls For Christ Ministries

Naples Florida, 34116